Telus release Android 2.1-update1 for the Motorola Milestone, and no, there’s no OTA update available…

I think they released the Android 2.1-update1 yesterday.. I based this on the filename of the release note ;)

Here’s the Release Note:

To update

go to:

And follow the instruction, or simply start the software updater on your not so favorite OS a.k.a. Windows.

I’ve just updated, nothing new.. I didn’t had a lot of problem with my phone anyway.. but if this could fix the music problem I’ll be just happy… The only bad thing with this update is that they just started to release OTA (Over The Air) updates on the Motorola Droid and you know what ? They are recieving froyo, yeah Android 2.2… So let’s dream about the end of Septembre where we are “supposed” (  unconfirmed Rumor I think ) to recieve the update for our Milestone!!!

So now I get:

Version : 2.1-update1


Kernel: 2.6.29-omap1

Have fun with your updates!