Howto update / change hostname of a system using RHEL/Centos in RHN, Satellite or Spacewalk

Today I had to update a system profile in RHN. The system is a RHEL 4 and was added to RHN few years ago and the hostname had changed since then. You can change the system name in RHN but you cannot change the hostname or the ipaddress. I just wanted to share with everyone how to update the RHN profile of a host.

Once your hostname is changed, you just have to execute this command:

# up2date --hardware

If you are using spacewalk and CentosOS6/RHEL6 you’ll see that up2date is not there anymore. You’ll need to have the rhn tool installed and sync the profile with:

# rhn-profile-sync

And voila, you should see the updated hostname on RHN/Spacewalk/Satellite.


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