Error: inconsistent raid set nvidia_djfaedbj

Today I was installing a fresh fedora 12 x64 on a computer having a msi k9n platinum as a motherboard.

First I had to disable apic and acpi, otherwise I was getting a “ht msi mapping”  error and the boot stopped there but sometimes the system was booting fine..

After “fixing” this issue, I was able to enter the Anaconda installer. Everything went fine untill the disk partitioning. Anaconda was unable to see the drive, but my test on the console (hitting ctrl+alt F2) and typing # fdisk -l  I was able to see my drive.. So the system was able to see it, but anaconda was unable. After looking at logs I found few error about the nvidia raid.

inconsistent raid set nvidia_djfaedbj

Bizzar… Can’t find anything on google regarding this error.. The motherboard have Raid support, but it’s disabled. After few minutes I finally enabled the raid, and then I was able to enter the RAID configuration screen.. Then I saw there was a FAILED RAID. This computer is for testing.. someone pick a a hard disk. I deleted the raid..

After a reboot, everything was fine.. It looks like Anaconda was able to read the raid information, even if the raid was disabled in the bios…

This post could be more helpful with all the error but I was in a hurry to test something and I was unable to store the exact error and document it.. I hope this can help someone!


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